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Eye Exams

Deerfoot Meadows Optometry and Seton optometry specialize in providing yearly routine eye examinations.


During your eye exam, you will be evaluated for the following:

Need for or changes in glass prescriptions

Need for or changes in contact lens prescription

Detection of eye related diseases and disorders

At the end of your each eye exam, the doctor will explain his or her findings with you. S/he will also develop a treatment plan based on your needs and circumstances.



Our Comprehensive Eye Exams inlclude:

Visual Acuity Test
Cover Test
Slit Lamp Examination
Auto Refraction
Visual Field Test
Pupil Dilation

The cost of a complete eye exam, medical office visits, and contact lens evaluations varies depending on the use of insurance. Deerfoot Meadows Optometry accepts most vision and medical eye insurance plans. If you want to learn more about our eye examinations, or would like to book an appointment, please give us a call 403-276-2020 or 403-455-3937. We look forward to hearing from you.

I have recently purchased glasses and prescription sunglasses from Dr. Draper. My eye exam was thorough and professional. She helped me decide what was best for my eyes with a selection of lenses and guided me through the process of choosing frames. My glasses arrived on time and I was fit shortly after. I see better with these glasses than I have for years! They are comfortable and the lenses seem clearer than any I have tried before. I have since referred my wife to Dr. Draper and would recommend her to everyone! She has a modern office and excellent staff. I felt appreciated as a customer, was given individual attention throughout and was never rushed. I prefer to do business with an independent optometrist and am glad I found Dr. Draper. -Wayne Roth